Prescription & Other Drugs

Guess how many lock bags were provided to your community?

Count It! Lock It! Drop It!® is a comprehensive community program for prescription drug abuse prevention created by the Coffee County Anti-Drug Coalition in Tennessee. The program was developed as a response to the county’s rising drug overdose epidemic by promoting safe prescription medication monitoring and storage in the home and the proper disposal of unused or unwanted medications utilizing community drop boxes located at most police departments. Click HERE to find your nearest drop off location.

Count It!

Monitor Your Rx Meds!
Medicine cabinets have become an unintended source of drugs — for risky teen “experimentation,” for addicts who crave them and for thieves who sell them on the street. Make it a goal to count your pills frequently and check expiration dates. This will prevent theft and help ensure medications are taken properly.

Lock It!

Store Your Rx Drugs Safely!
Lock up medications and store  them in a secure place. Friends’ and relatives’ medicine cabinets are often a source for prescription pain pills. Protect your loved ones by using lock bags to securely store your prescription medications. If not used properly, prescription drugs can be as harmful and dangerous as illicit drugs.

Drop It!

Store Your Rx Drugs Safely!

Dispose of All Unused or Expired Rx Medications!
Make sure your medicine cabinet doesn’t become a “source.” Take advantage of drop boxes located at all South County Police Departments to dispose of unused or expired drugs.
It’s just too risky to leave them hanging around!

Protect your loved ones by using lock bags & drop boxes!

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