About Us

The Rhode Island Regional Coalitions are a group of dedicated members and partners working together to provide substance use prevention strategies, mental health resources, and advocate for policies that support healthy and safe communities.

We are youth, parents, elected officials, health care providers, faith leaders, local businesses, law enforcement, educational leaders, youth serving organizations and treatment providers.  We are YOU!

Are you interested in getting involved to work alongside our dedicated volunteers to help make a difference? We want to hear your ideas. Effective change happens with the input from all community members! Click here to get involved.

The Rhode Island Prevention Coalitions are funded through BHDDH. BHDDH guarantees high-quality, safe and accessible health care services for all individuals with differing intellectual/developmental abilities, mental health or substance use disorders, or who are in the care of facilities administered by BHDDH through an integrated healthcare landscape, in which all Rhode Islanders will thrive.

Click here to hear two of our regional directors talk about the seven Prevention Domains!

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