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Social Host Law RI

What is the law?

The Rhode Island Social Host Law states that providing or purchasing alcohol for youth or young adults under the age of 21 is illegal. The consumption of alcohol by youth or young adults on your property is prohibited as well.

Click the button below to learn about the Social Host Law in Rhode Island.

Know the Law.

Social Host Law Campaign

Rhode Island Regional Coalitions has partnered with JSI to establish a Social Host Campaign through the Partnerships for Success grant provided to the Regional Coalitions by BHDDH. The Social Host Campaign aims to educate Rhode Island citizens about the law and to prevent people from buying and providing alcohol to minors.

Along with the Social Host Campaign, Rhode Island Regional Coalitions launched:

  • Sticker Shock Campaign

  • BARS program

  • TIPS program and ServSafe Alcohol

  • Compliance checks and party patrols


How Can You Help?

If you see or hear about a party with underage drinking..

Report it to your local police.

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Social Host RI Toolkit

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