Newport County Prevention Coalition

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About Us

The Newport County Prevention Coalition was organized as an effort to provide effective substance use prevention strategies, mental health advocacy, and treatment options to Newport County, Rhode Island. Since founded, our coalition has continued to strive to create a community that encourages healthy lifestyle choices and a deeper understanding of the complexities of mental health and substance use. As our coalition continues to grow, we continue to expand in representation; such as parents, elected officials, local businesses, and the medical community. 

How can we make your community healthier? Take a moment to reflect on this question. Is there a service that you believe your community is lacking that could truly make a difference? We want to hear your ideas. Effective change happens with the input from all community members! Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the Newport County Prevention Coalition.

Contact Us

Regional Director
Rebecca Elwell
[email protected]

Director of Prevention
Polly Allen
[email protected]

Grant Coordinator
Gregory Thompson
[email protected]

PFS Coordinator
Scott Eisner
[email protected]

Mental Health Promotion Coordinator
Bridget Manning
[email protected]

No Wrong Door Coordinator
Bridget Santos
[email protected]

Opiate Grants Coordinator
Kathleen Brughelli
[email protected]

Our Regional Coalitions

Little Compton & Tiverton Prevention Coalition Coordinator
Brian Gough
[email protected] | [email protected]

Middletown Prevention Coalition Coordinator
Lori Verderosa
[email protected]

Newport Prevention Coalition
[email protected]

Portsmouth Prevention Coalition
Cleo Allen
[email protected]